Farm Planet is a 3D play-to-earn game with two game modes, PvE and PvP. The PvE game mode prepares your farm for the PvP game mode, which is where the P2P Play-To-Earn comes into play. Farm Planet adopts a fair system and favours the players who spend the most time and effort on the PvE game mode.


Phase 1

Start game development

Website Launch


Smart contract development

Teaser release (Youtube)

Audit by Interfi

Farm Planet teaser release (Youtube)

Phase 2

Land NFT minting(Phase 1)

Active marketing launch:

Youtube promotions (P2E niche youtubers)

Telegram promotions

Discord awareness campaign

Influencer campaign: Targeted audience

Poocoin & campaigns

Play2earn listing

Land NFT minting(Phase 2)

Official trailer release

Private sale

Whitelist applications start

Presale on Pinksale (Whitelist)

Phase 3: Pre-launch

Launch promotion campaign

Land NFT minting (Phase 3)

Pancakeswap launch

CoinGecko & CEX listings...

Land NFT minting (Phases 4)(See docs)

Phase 4: Alpha testing

NFT Marketplace for lands

Farm Planet Alpha testing for private sale investors & testers

Phase 5: Farm Planet Beta

Farm Planet Beta release (Q2 2022)

Uncle Grazier


Blender scrolls

Game Dev & NFT artist

Papa Farmer